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as alway a $5 donation is always accepted, 7-10 pm, every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

as alway a $5 donation is always accepted, 7-10 pm, every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

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The Broken Arrow Blues Band

May 14th, 2019

Hailing from the suburbs of Detroit is guitarist/vocalist Rich Hwang.  A veteran of the local and regional music scene.    Of mixed Asian and Anglo ancestry, Rich Hwang (pronounced similar to “Wong” but with an “H” in front), blends blues, rock and country guitar styles in an immediately identifiable, unexpected manner few have contemplated, and none have accomplished.    In an age of specialization and redundant clone players, Rich stands out from the pack with his desire to catch your ear with something other than what you’ve already heard a thousand times before, but the trip always starts (and ends) at home every time. Rich’s first foray into music was following an older sibling to piano lessons, at far too young an age.  Over time, Rich realized keyboards were not for him.    Later, inspired by his Father and friend’s living room jam sessions late into the night (and likely learning in his sleep), Rich had assembled a sonic collage from those endless, mostly blues based jam sessions and combined them with the rock material of the day….in his imagination, long before he even picked up a guitar.  When Rich finally did pick up a guitar in his pre-teen years he realized immediately…THIS was the sound he had to create.  Within 6 months, the bands, talent shows and backyard parties began.       Rich has been with Broken Arrow Blues since late 2014 when the guitar spot opened, and is a longtime friend and supporter of the band.   Coming from a similar circuit after decades of performing and recording with The Sidewinders, Johnny “yard dog” Jones, the Lightnin’ Wolf band, the Curtis Sumter project, as well as freelance projects too numerous to remember,  Rich has worked with all the best local and regional performers and brings a wealth of experience, creativity, and knowledge to the band.    Although the band will always be about kick-ass Detroit blues and boogie, as the primary melodic instrument Rich’s guitar work creates sonic landscapes never experienced in this context.   Although Rich’s goal is to take fans and listeners on a trip every time he picks up a guitar, at the end of the day he always takes you home again. Bobby Murray (Etta James, solo): “Rich Hwang is one of my favorite guitar players. We have some serious heavy hitters in metro Detroit and Rich is definitely at the forefront of that. And as we know here, a great guy to boot!”   Mark Pasman (radio personality, formerly WCSX, musician):  "One of the most distinctive guitar styles around...I love when he lets his super-charged country pickin' slip into his fluid blues lines....Wow!!  Rich is one of the great, great guitar players in the motor city” Mary McGuire Recording Artist, writer, arranger An excellent and precise fretician with huge ears and feel, Rich is great Shadowhawk   Drummer, Writer, Arranger, Producer.  Heard Rich decades back with Curtis Sumter Project, and then didn’t hear much about him. We (Gary & I), Hosted and founded the Music Series, “Michigan Guitar Legends” where we featured the best Detroit & Michigan has to offer. Rich did a showcase with us as part of that series and we knew, pretty much right then, Rich had a spot in the Band if he wanted it





May 14, 2019 – Blues - The Broken Arrow Blues Band 7 to 10pm $5 donation

May 28, 2019 – Jazz – Ramona Collins w/Cliff Monear Trio – 7 to 9:30pm $10 donation

June 6, 2019 – Acoustic Oldies – West Side Ramblers – 5:30 to 8:30pm No Cover

June 11, 2019 – Blues – The Bobby Murray Band – 7 to 10pm -

$5 donation

*June 25, 2019 – Jazz – Dave Tatrow Quartet – 7 to 9:30pm

$10 donation

July 4, 2019–Acoustic Oldies–West Side Ramblers–5:30-8:30pm

No Cover

July 9, 2019 – Blues – The Kenny Parker Band – 7 to 10pm -

$5 donation

*July 30, 2019 – Jazz – Jim Cooper Quartet – 7 to 9:30pm

$10 donation

August 3, 2019 Acoustic Oldies – West Side Ramblers – 5:30 to 8:30pm No Cover

August 13, 2019 – Blues – The Zydeco Hepcats – 7 to 10pm -

$5 donation

*August 27, 2019 – Jazz – Sean Dobbins Rising Star – 7 to 9:30pm

$10 donation

Sept. 5,2019 – Acoustic Oldies – West Side Ramblers – 5:30 to 8:30pm

No Cover

 *Jazz concerts include hors d’oeuvres

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Jazz concerts include hors d’oeuvres


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