Please Fill your Banks Return to our Lodge

Please Fill your Banks Return to our Lodge

A Big "Thank You"

As a direct result of you FILLING and TURNING in your PENNY BANKS, our Major Projects Committee has been able to visit, interview and obtain approval to help children in our area with their special needs. 

You have seen a number of these children at our Friday night fish fry's where they have received a tricycle to assist with their therapy. 

But, there are many other children with special needs that you don't see, such as Speech therapy, Hearing aids, Special camps, building Ramps for their homes, remodeling bathrooms to fit their needs and many other projects that help the children.

You should be proud of your Plymouth-Ann Arbor Lodge, our lodge has one of best Major Projects Committee in the State if not the Country. Their relentless pursuit of children to help and ways to raise money is second to none.

 Please help make Plymouth-Ann Arbor the #1 Lodge in the State. Bring in your Penny Banks or send a check to the Lodge in care of Major Projects.

Lou Roos, John Truskowski, co-chairman, and Lee Herbeger, Penny Banks. We know you don't do this for the recognition, but it's important that the Lodge knows who you are. 

Thank you for your hard work, and sincere dedication. Plymouth-Ann Arbor Lodge Members.

"Thanks for the Banks"



Collected from these banks

Anonymous/Bar (3)

Vivian Biegun (7)

Blues/Jazz (8)

Suzanne Broemer (1)

Cavallaro (1)

D. Cole (2)

Stew Israel (1)

K. Klepack (1) Lodge Meeting (15) Nosky (1)

Pete Owens (1)


Our members and friends of the Lodge continue to be generous with their donations.  It is nice to see donations coming in at the blues and jazz concerts as well.  The need is great so even more is needed to support our special needs children.  Please pack those pink banks and turn them in at the Lodge.  Invite your friends, relatives and neighbors to contribute.  This important undertaking brings some measure of relief to our community families who need your help.  Be sure to pick up a 365 Bank in the lobby at the Lodge and support this project. 
Please note that we cannot process damaged, 
Canadian or other foreign coins.


Lee Herberger

Chairman, 365 Banks