Hi All

Hope you all are enjoying your summer as I am. I’m just afraid it will be ending way too soon. But believe you me I am going to enjoy every moment for as long or short it may be.

One of those ways will be spending time in the Lodge. With some major cleaning and painting going on I know my volunteering to help will only be a benefit to our Lodge. Hope you all will join me. Just call me at the Lodge and I will get you working so you can take pride in your Lodge.

As usual a lot of things are happening at the Lodge. Tuesday night Jazz or Blues, Seafood Dinners, we’re coming up on an ENF Spaghetti night, Burgers at the Bar on Thursday. We just had a blow out concert with the Dr. Pocket Band. If you haven’t been in, then you are missing out at a great time and not helping your Lodge.

We all must support our Lodge and the many good deeds we do and the only way to do this is get involved. A handful of members cannot do it all.

Please take notice that the Gold Key Golf Outing that PA2 is hosting will be happening soon. Hope you can join in the fun.

Also, Major Projects will be having a dinner on September 22nd to benefit our Special Needs Children.Wow what a great project to get involved in.

We have started painting the Lodge which will spruce it up for not only you members but for the guest’s that rent the hall for their special events. If you can help either with man power or supplies that would be greatly appreciated.

Remember to look at your calendars that are in this newsletter and plan to participate we need you we need ALL of you.


Heather Lee Matheson, Secretary