Hi All

Well Spring/Summer is here. But in my opinion it could be warmer.

Great things are happening at the Lodge so please check your calendars and come on in and see for yourselves.

Rock N Ride has come and gone and the committee is getting a head start for next year.

Burger Night is now having a Car show, burgers and beer and some of the greatest music around. Come on down to the parking lot and enjoy.

We started our fiscal year with approximately 68 delinquents and I sent out notices at the end of April and there was a great response we are now down to 35. This time last year we had over a hundred so we are doing well. I will be sending out another delinquent letter in a couple of months so please ask your Elk friends if they have paid their dues and if not ask them why not. If they have decided not to, ask them what we can do to get them back as members.

We are in desperate need of people to come in and set up or tear down the tables before and after events. Tommy does a great job but he needs help. The House will pay $20.00 for an event. So if you know of a kid that would like a little spending money please contact Judy.

See you All in the Lodge


Heather Lee Matheson, Secretary