Hi All

Well getting into Summer sure isn’t coming soon enough. I for one am looking forward to warmer and drier days.

Will be seeing old friends and friends that we won’t being see so often. A great big shout out to Judy, Robin and Tommy as they venture into a new chapter in their lives. A bigger THANK YOU to all three of you. 

New officers were installed last month: ER Bruce Stark, Esquire Lou Roos, Leading Knight Charlie Dawson, Loyal Knight Gary Kerstens, Lecturing Knight Lucy Kerstens, Treasurer Laurie Howard, Secretary Heather Matheson, Inner Guard Dan Huyck, Tiler Sue Hopps and Chap-lain Candy Taylor. Trustees: Jim Schommer, Ken Hines, Doug McAllister, Doug Hincker and Jay Erickson.

We are down to 50 delinquents which I will hopefully be able to track down and get them back into the Lodge.

Our Lodge grew by 5 this pass month and that is very good for our Lodge.

Well as I have said before many times hope to see you all in the Lodge, check your calendars and if you haven’t ventured in on one of many occasions think about coming in. We can only survive with the help of ALL our members.

See You All in the Lodge  


Heather Lee Matheson, Secretary