Hi All

Hope you are all enjoying this summer.

Even though Judy, Robin and Tommy are on vacation until the end of August the Lodge is still open Monday through Friday at 5:00 PM. Jazz and Blues are still the second and last Tuesday of each month. Thursday Burger Night is still going strong. 

If you find some spare time on your hands, contact the House Committee or any Trustee to see if there is anything you can help out with in the Lodge. We must all pitch in to keep our Lodge going. 

Please make sure that all your information at the Lodge is up to date. Phone numbers, addresses, email addresses any information that will update your file. Call the Lodge and leave the information better yet come on in and enjoy the Lodge and let me check if your info is up to date.

Please check your calendar’s and come on into the Lodge. Not only do we want to see you, but we need to keep our Lodge going and it can only survive with your help.

See You All in the Lodge  


Heather Lee Matheson, Secretary