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Greetings members and friends

As I begin my 2nd year as Exalted Ruler I want to thank everyone that worked to make your Lodge the best that it can be. Thank you to the out-going Lodge Officers that have spent their time working to better our Lodge one step at a time. I know many of you are continuing as Lodge officers and I look forward to your contributions to the Lodge. Special thanks to Lee Herberger as he steps off the Officer board as Leading Knight for his years of service as an officer and we look ahead to his contributions as a Member

Lodge Officers were in-stalled on March 31st.  Thanks to all PER’s that stepped up and helped with the Installation. Come down to the Lodge and find out who won Elk of the Year, Officer of the Year and Distinguished Citizen. I am looking forward to working with the new officers to make this the best Lodge it can be.

As we begin the new Elk year, I look for-ward to seeing every-one at the Lodge to make things better. Whether you step up as an officer, on a committee, helping out as a volunteer, or just coming down and enjoying the Lodge, you are a very important part of making your Lodge better. We are making steps every day to improve the way we do things and you are a big part of that.

Do you have ideas to make the Lodge better?  Remember that the best place to share this is at a meeting. Too many times people make comments at the bar or at a function but don’t take the time to come to a meeting and share. Make your voice heard and the best way to do it is at a meeting.

New members get involved. There is al-ways a place for you to help. If you have a passion for something in particular, see an officer or me and we will find a place for you to share. The Lodge only grows stronger when you become a part. Remember this is your lodge too.

Elsewhere in this news-letter you can find a calendar all the things going on in your Lodge. And again, I said your lodge. The Lodge only thrives when the members come down to enjoy it so I hope you can come as often as possible We need you!!! Stop down for the meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays and remember your first drink after the meeting is always on me Hope to see you at the Lodge soon. 


Bruce A Stark

Exalted Ruler