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Members and Friends, Happy Holidays :)

 I’d like to start by wishing all our member’s, family, friends, and guest’s a Blessed Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. This is the time of year that people look at each other with a little more warmth and feeling and I look forward to seeing you all at the Lodge during this holiday season.

 The Lodge is beautifully decorated for the holiday season and if you haven’t been down to see it you need to. Hats off to all the decorators. The Lodge is looking great and your efforts are appreciated.

 Winter is here and there are plenty of things going on at the Lodge. Check the calendar and you'll see seafood dinners, Blues and Jazz nights, Holiday Celebrations, Thursday Burger Nights, PER Steak and Walleye Nights so there is some-thing for everyone. Come on down.

 I would also like to thank Judi, Robin, Karin, and all the volunteers that work so hard the year round to make the Lodge a fun place to be. During the holidays make it a point to say thanks to all our help and let them know we appreciate them.

 As the New Year begins, I look forward to all the wonderful things going on at the lodge but I mostly look for-ward to seeing YOU!!! Our lodge depends on you and your friends to thrive. Bring your friends in to enjoy the lodge and don’t for-get to put an application for membership in their pocket on the way out.

 Meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 7PM so if you want to know what’s going on at our Lodge, I encourage you to come down and participate. Remember if you come to a meeting, the first drink after is on me.


Bruce A Stark

Exalted Ruler