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Members All,

It looks like summer is finally leaving us and fall is beginning, a time for renewed goings on at the Lodge after summer vacation for many of us.

September saw us host DVP Jason Manke and DDGER All Perry come for their annual visits and inspection of books, programs, procedures and activities.  We were complimented on being one of the “ten best Lodges in the state” but have a few things to rectify and improve upon.  Always room for improvement I believe.

Also in September, we had our turn at hosting a District Meeting for our Southeast District Lodges.  Attendance was great, Judy put on a wonderful lunch and all enjoyed their visit. 

Thanks to all the volunteers who assisted in this project.

Blues and Jazz at the Elks continue to be a destination for area music lovers.  It is a significant money raiser for the Lodge.  Thanks to Lee Herberger and Sally Pinchock plus all their volunteers we have gained some much-needed funds for our Lodge.

October brings many opportunities for you to join us for Sunday Lions games. Lucy Plater and Gary Kerstens are chairing this and will have some interesting new bartenders for the game.  Come see who’s up!

November will feature among other things our second annual Chili Cook-off.   I had the honor of coming in second last year and may do something again.  Want to challenge me?  Entry forms at the bar and the date is 11-4-17.  Starting at 1:00 PM and going to 4:00 PM.  Will Ken Hines really bring in Wendy’s chili?

I would like to welcome our three new members initiated in September: Paul Strong, Michael Wheat and Steve Chapski.  When you see them around the Lodge please give them a big PA2 welcome.

Please check out the calendar with this newsletter.  It contains all the things we are doing during the next two months and you will want to participate with lots of new stuff.

On October 2, I will be going to have my knee replaced.  I probably will not going to be around the Lodge for a couple of weeks.  You can always call me.  Please say a little pray and I’ll be back soon.


Douglas Hincker, ER