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Greetings members and friends

The new Elk year is off and rolling to a good start. Thanks again for the hard work put in by the outgoing officers of 2018/2019. They did a great job and we want to thank them for their hard work. Newly installed officers are hard at work looking to make this the best Lodge in the State.

Congratulations to Pat Howard for his award as Elk of the Year and Charley Dawson as Officer of the year. They did a great job last year and we look forward to their continued work with the Lodge in the future. Additional awards went to Curt and Mary Ann Leanna so we thank them as well for their contributions. 

As summer begins sometimes we seem to forget things going on at the Lodge and enjoy more time outside at home, but the Lodge in continuing to plan great things to do. Every 2nd Tuesday and last Tuesday of the month are Blues Nights (2nd) and Jazz night (last). Make sure you take a break and come on down and enjoy these great events. Don’t forget every Thursday is Burger Night with Westside Ramblers on the 1st Thursday of the month with a free concert.

Have you visited our website? Ken and his team are doing a great job keeping everyone informed using the In-formation Highway with an outstanding website at Go there and you can find out What’s Happening at PA2!!

This is my 2nd year as ER and maybe the harder I work the better I’ll get. With you all by my side I can’t help but have a great year. Remember this is “Our Lodge”

Lodge meetings in July and August are cut to 1 per month so check your calendar and come down for a meeting Remember after the meeting the 1st drink is on me.

Have a happy and safe beginning of summer and I hope to see you at the Lodge. Bring a friend, you never know, they might be our next new member. :)

Why did I become an Elk? Someone asked me to join!!!


Bruce A Stark

Exalted Ruler