Veteran Activities for 2017

January 11                Ice Cream Social

February 1                Horse Racing

February 5                Super Bowl at CLC

February 15              Ice Cream Social

March 2                    Horse Racing

March 4                    VA welcome home/Job fair

March 8                     Ice Cream Social

April 5                        Horse Racing

April6                         Steak Luncheon

April 12                      Ice Cream Social

May 4                         Horse Racing

May 17                        Ice Cream Social

June 1                         Horse Racing

June 3                          Patient carnival

June 15                        Ice Cream Social

July 6                           Horse Racing

July 27                         Ice Cream Social

August 3                      Horse Racing

August 24                    Ice Cream Social

September 7                Horse Racing

September 21               Ice Cream Social


*Gift Distribution leaves at 9:00 AM

Horse Racing leaves the Lodge at 9:30 AM

Ice Cream Social leaves the Lodge at 10:55, Starts at 12:30

Events subject to change.


Because of privacy laws, we will not be publishing names of Adopted Veterans.  If you would like to continue or start sending cards to these veterans you may do so by getting their names and addresses from me by email or letter.  This would put you on the Lodge Adopt A Vet committee.                     Anyone may belong. 

Your suggested duties would be any of the following:

Send them a card on their birthday

Send them a card on holidays

Send a letter, note or post card at any time.

Give them gifts on holidays or birthdays Visits would be possible during our hospital activities

Stew Israel, Chairman,

Adopt--A-Veteran, or Call 734.455.456

Remember…... So long as there are veterans, The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks will never forget them


We are collecting good, clean, used clothing for the Homeless Veterans shelter in the Cass corridor area of Detroit.  The Veterans shelter accepts clothing for men, especially Blue Jeans, and tennis shoes. Please mark your items VETS or men – a scotch taped note on the bag.    These places do not have room to store items so please make sure the items fit the season (Winter). They also need linens, sheets, towels, blankets, toiletries, and other comfort items (shampoo, soap, deodorant etc.).  Other items they would like to receive:  Computers, monitors, printers, musical instruments, arts and craft supplies, We are also supporting a Veteran Shelter that has 150 apartments as transitional housing. They need household items (pots pans, plates etc.  They can also use sports equipment, luggage, sports bags, video games and equipment, and exercise equipment.  All items may be left in the coatroom.

Thank You - Stew Israel 455-4567

MVF Thrift Store

The Michigan Veterans Foundation homeless shelter has a Thrift Store/Donation Center located at the corner of Warren and Inkster.  If you want to get a receipt for your donation take it directly to the Thrift Store location.  If not continue to leave them in the Coat Room.  Please try and patronize the thrift store.  They are trying to become more self sufficient.


MVF Thrift Store/Donation center

27329 W. Warren St

Dearborn Heights, Mi. 48127



We are collecting Good, Clean used clothing for The Coalition On Temporary Shelters.  This is a program for homeless people in the   Cass corridor area of Detroit.  C.O.T.S. accepts clothing for men, women, and Children.    These places do not have room to store items so please make sure the items fit the season (Winter).  Please mark your items COTS or women – a scotch taped note on the bag.

Thank You – Stew Israel

American Casket Flags wanted

We are collecting any casket flags that were given to the families of Veterans.  We will donate them to the Great Lakes National Cemetery to be flown at the entrance to the Cemetery.  If you have a flag and it is not being displayed or kept as a sacred memento we can see that it is put to good use in the avenue of flags at the entrance of the National cemetery.  You can leave it at the lodge.

Thank You.  Stew Israel