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Michigan Major Projects

Special Needs Children’s Programs

Helping Michigan's Children

The Michigan Elks will assist any special needs child in Michigan, regardless of race, creed, or color, who is unable to obtain assistance from other agencies or organizations: whose family’s income will not allow them to give the child the needed treatment.

Special needs are defined as any handicap in a child that restricts his or her ability to function in a normal manner. The main objective of the program is to assist children from one month to 12 years of age; however, ages up to 18 years will be given consideration. Assistance is typically medical in nature rather than educational. The major goal is to help the child become a self-sufficient, healthy, contributing citizen.

On Saturday, January 17, 2015 the Flat Rock Elks #1731, in conjunction with the Downriver ARC, the Woodhaven – Brownstown School District and the Flat Rock School District, hosted a special day of basketball for learning disabled children and adults at the Woodhaven High School campus. The event was called “Warrior Games.” It boasted a special message: “Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.”

This event, like all others throughout the year, provides these individuals the ability to bond with others, compete in friendly competition, and allow them the ability to find self respect and self realization. It affords them the bonding experiences that so many need, but all too often never get.1

For more information contact Diane Dusendang, Executive Director, PO Box 141605, Grand Rapids, MI 49504 (616)-723-2763.

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