Hi All

Well Summer is over, Fall never was and now Winter has set in. Burrrrr. A lot is going on in the Lodge. The painting is gorgeous, and the Christmas decorations are beautiful. Great job Lucy & Gary Kerstens, Judy Dent, Cindy Huyck and all the others that pitched in. Our Lodge is looking grand something we can be proud of.

 Come on out for Hospitality Night December 14th and take a look at it for yourselves.

Eight new members will be initiated at the end of November. One of the highest in a very long time. We have been gaining new members and they all what to help our Lodge. Welcome new members. Please come into the Lodge and welcome these new Brothers and Sisters of Elkdom.

Dues notices will be going out at the end of January. Please remember these dues are due BEFORE April 1st. Also consider donating to the many Charities we have listed on the notice: ENF, Major Project, Gold Key, 365 Banks, Vets and our Building Fund.

As I’m writing this it’s the evening before Thanksgiving, so I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Have a blessed Christmas.

See you in the Lodge


Heather Lee Matheson, Secretary