Hi All

Hope your winter was a good one. To me it was long, but I did get away for a few weeks in February. I do want to give Stew a shout out for picking up the mail for me while I was gone. Thank you, Stew.

Dues notices are coming in and that’s a good thing. Remember March 31st is the deadline for paying your dues. If you haven’t paid them by now, then you are delinquent, and you should get them in as soon as possible.

There will be a $5.00 charge if you lose your card and need a new one.

Installations of Officers will be April 7th. Roast beef dinner and entertainment. Stop in and meet your new officers.

Please check your calendar’s and come on in to the Lodge. Not only do we want to see you, but we need to keep our Lodge going and it can only survive with your help.

See You in the Lodge


Heather Lee Matheson, Secretary