November @ a Glance


1     PER Steak Fry

1    Vets Horse Racing @ VA

2    West Side Ramblers

4    Chili Cook Off

8    Lodge Meeting

9    Vets Steak Luncheon

10   Seafood Dinner

12   Lions Football 1pm

14   Seniors Meeting

14   Blues at the Elks

16   Ice Cream Social @ VA

17   Polish Dinner

19   Lions Football 1pm

25   Mich.-Ohio St. Pot Luck

28   Jazz at the Elks

December @ a Glance

Dec. 3     Memorial Service 2

Dec. 6     Vets Horse Racing 9:30

Dec. 6     Steak Fry 6

Dec. 7.  Burgers at the bar. Every Thursday   5:30

Dec. 8       Seafood 6

Dec. 10  Lions football 1 PM

Dec. 12   Seniors  noon

Dec. 12   Blues: Sax Maniacs.  7

Dec. 13   Lodge Meeting 7

Dec  15   Hospitality night 6:30

Dec. 16   Vets Gift Wrap 9

Dec. 16   Children’s Christmas

Dec. 18,19,20 and 24 Veteran gift distribution

Dec. 19   House comm. 6:30 Trustees 7:30

Dec. 31   New Years Eve Party Reservations required.  See Judy!

January @ a Glance


Jan. 3    Steak Fry 6

Jan.  3   Vets Horse Racing 9:30

Jan. 4     Burgers at the bar. Every Thursday   5:30

Jan. 9     Seniors noon

Jan. 9     Blues: Broken Arrow Blues Band 7

Jan. 10   Lodge Meeting 7

Jan. 11    Ice Cream Social 10:50

Jan. 16   House comm,6:30 Trustees 7:30

Jan. 17   PER Meeting 7

Jan 20    Ritual/District meeting/ State Pres. Night in Livonia

Jan. 24    Lodge Meeting 7

Jan. 30    Jazz at the Elks 7

Febuary @ a Glance


Feb.  4    Super Bowl TBA

Feb. 7    Steak Fry 6

Feb. 7     Vets Horse Racing 9:30

Feb. 14  Lodge Meeting officer nominations 7

Feb. 13   Seniors noon

Feb. 13  Blues 7

Feb   15   Ice Cream Soc at the VA 10:50

Feb. 21  PER Meeting 7

Feb. 20  House Comm. 6:30, Trustees 7:30

Feb. 28   Lodge Meeting Vote on new officers 7

Feb. 27 Jazz at the Elks 7

Open at 11:00 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for lunch. Friday open at 2:00 Now open on Mondays at 6. Saturday at 4

 Burgers at the Bar every Thursday  5:30

 We have 2 Spaghetti dinners planned. Please support these dinners for The Elks National Foundation – Our Charity.

The Elks National Foundation (ENF) is our national charity.  It is an endowment..  This means they only use the interest of what we members give them.  My original $10.00 is still there.  The accrued money has grown so much that we get back much more than we give.  On an average, they give out $3.00 for every dollar donated.  We do better than that.  We have 4 grants going at this time totaling $9,000.00 for our work with veterans, and Youth activities.  Plus: Local kids are collecting $5,000.00 in scholarships.  Part of the money we get for our handicapped children’s program also comes from the ENF.

I, as Detroit VA hospital chairman, receive almost $2,000.00 for our Ice Cream socials and VA horse racing events from the ENF.  Please consider donating to this worthy cause.  Donate by sending me a check made out to ENF, check off donation on your next dues statement or go to and find out how to donate on line. 

Please support these charity events.  Eat for the Vets and kids. Thank you!       Stew Israel