April @ a Glance


April 1            West Side Ramblers

April 4            Super Bowl Party

April 4            Veterans Horse Racing 9:30

April 4             Steak Fry 6

April 5             Burgers at the Bar and Westside Ramblers 5:30

April 7             Installation of officers 5, dinner 6:30

April 8             District Coldwater  1PM

April 10            Seniors   noon

April 10            Blues:Kathleen Murray Band 7

April 11             Lodge meeting 7

April 13             Seafood dinner 6

April 17             House Comm, 6:30 Trustees 7:30

April 19             PER meeting 7

April 20            Pizza night 6

April  24           Jazz: Ragtime to Rock& Roll, Mathew Bell 7PM

April  25           Initiation meeting 7

April  26           Ice Cream Social 10:30

April  27           Seafood dinner 6

April 28           Brian Bosman “stick a pig in it”

May @ a Glance


May 2      Steak Fry 6

May 2      Veterans Horse Racing 9:30

May 3      VA, Homeless, Veteran Steak Luncheon.

May 3      Cinco de Mayo Taco bar, Burgers, and Westside Ramblers

May 5      Kentucky Derby

May 8      Seniors noon

May 8      Blues R. J.’s Soul Blues gang 7

May 9      VA Ice Cream Social 10:50

May 9      Lodge Meeting 7

May 11     Seafood dinner 6

May 13    Mother’s Day Brunch

May 15    House Comm. 6:30 Trustees 7:30

May 16    PER meeting 7

May 18-19 Convention at the Soo

May 23     Initiation meeting 7

May 25     Seafood Dinner 6

May 29     Jazz Jerry McKenzie Just Jazz with Ella Martin Vocals 7


Open at 11:00 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for lunch. Friday open at 2:00 Now open on Mondays at 6. Saturday at 4

 Burgers at the Bar every Thursday  5:30

 We have 2 Spaghetti dinners planned. Please support these dinners for The Elks National Foundation – Our Charity.

The Elks National Foundation (ENF) is our national charity.  It is an endowment..  This means they only use the interest of what we members give them.  My original $10.00 is still there.  The accrued money has grown so much that we get back much more than we give.  On an average, they give out $3.00 for every dollar donated.  We do better than that.  We have 4 grants going at this time totaling $9,000.00 for our work with veterans, and Youth activities.  Plus: Local kids are collecting $5,000.00 in scholarships.  Part of the money we get for our handicapped children’s program also comes from the ENF.

I, as Detroit VA hospital chairman, receive almost $2,000.00 for our Ice Cream socials and VA horse racing events from the ENF.  Please consider donating to this worthy cause.  Donate by sending me a check made out to ENF, check off donation on your next dues statement or go to Elks.org/ENF and find out how to donate on line. 

Please support these charity events.  Eat for the Vets and kids. Thank you!       Stew Israel