March @ a Glance

March 2017 @ Plymouth-Ann Arbor

Mar.  1   Steak Fry 6-7:30pm

Mar.  2    Vets Horse Racing 9:30am

Mar. . 2    Burgers at the bar with West Side Ramblers music entertainment

Mar.   8  Ice Cream Soc. At VA 10:50am

Mar. 8   Lodge Meeting    7pm

Mar . 10 Seafood Dinner

Mar. 14   Seniors noon

Mar. 14   Blues:  Kathleen Murray Band 7-10pm

Mar. 16  Corned Beef & Cabbage 6-7:30pm or til it's gone!

Mar. 16   PER Meeting 7pm

Mar. 17 Seafood / Perch Dinner 6-7pm

Mar. 21 House Comm.6:30 pm, Trustee 7:30pm

Mar. 22  Initiation  meeting 7pm

Mar. 24 Seafood Dinner 6-7pm

Mar. 28  Jazz: Paul Vornhagen Quartet 7-9:30pm

Mar. 31  Spaghetti Dinner 6-7pm

April 16 District Allen Park 1 PM

Make Plymouth-Ann Arbor better, run for an office.  Talk to ER Doug or a PER. Nominations Feb. 8th.

Thursdays “Burgers at the Bar.”

1st Thursday of the month will have  West Side Ramblers Music.

Fish fry is now fish, Shrimp and Clams served dinner style. Look for other specials

 Open at 11:00 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for lunch. Friday open at 2:00 Now open on Mondays at 6. Saturday at 4

Support the Elks National Foundation.  Eat Spaghetti March 31st, 2017. ENF gives back to us $32,000.00 for our Youth activities, scholarships and Veteran programs.  Join or donate now!

Support your lodge.  It supports Veterans, scholarships and youth activities.

Because of your lodge and membership, the Veteran’s committee touched of over 5,900 hospitalized and homeless Veterans.

Because of your lodge and membership, we contributed $25,000.00 to scholarships for our community’s youth.