August @ a Glance

1    West Side Ramblers

7    Horse Racing @ VA

9    All U Can Eat Fish & Chips

13   Seniors Meetings

13   Blues at the Elks

20   House/Trustee Meeting

21   Ice Cream Social @ VA

23   All U Can Eat Fish & Chips

24   Gold Key Golf Outing

27   Jazz at the Elks

28   Lodge Meeting

September @ a Glance

4 Horse Racing @ VA

4 PER Steak Fry

5 West Side Ramblers

10 Seniors Picnic

10 Blues at the Elks

11 Lodge Meeting

13 Seafood Dinner

15 District Meeting Dearborn

17 House/Trustee Meetings

19 PER Meeting

24 Jazz at the Elks

25 Initiation Meeting

26 Ice Cream Social @ VA

27 Seafood Dinner

Chicken Tenders will now be available at Seafood dinners.

 Burgers at the Bar every Thursday  5:30  Salad Bar on the first and third Thursday.

 Judy, Robin, and Tommy have the months of July and August off. To accommodate them and the members access to the club and club events the hours just for these months are as follows:

 July & August Hours

Monday 6-10

Tuesday and Wednesday 5-10

Thursday and Friday  4-closing

Closed Sat. and Sun.

Have you paid your dues?  The Lodge has already paid your Grand Lodge. State, and District assessments.

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