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Members All,

And so, our fiscal year counts down to the final two months.  Much to do and maybe some things unfinished, but for the most part, our past few months have been filled with fun and success. 

We should start out by welcoming Jay and Mel Erickson to our Lodge. They transferred from Allen Park last month. Jay was just recently elected as District Vice President for our district and will be a wonderful addition to our group.

February is when we will elect officers for the coming year. Bruce Stark will run for ER, Lee Herberger for Leading Knight, Charlie Dawson for Loyal Knight, Gary Kerstens for Lecturing Knight, Laurie Howard for Treasurer, Heather Matheson for Secretary, Lucy Plater for Inner Guard and Sue Hopps for Tiler. Doug Hincker will run for five-year Trustee. Nominations will be held on the 14th and elections on the 28th. Please join us to elect these wonderful Elks who have volunteered to lead the Lodge.

Please read the two month calendars included with this edition. They include all the things that we are doing. You would really be surprised at how many days are filled with Elk activities.  Take your pick of those that interest you, and then come join your brothers and sisters for fun and friendship. How about printing them out and putting on the refrigerator like we do? It keeps things in front of you so to speak.

Congratulations to the Lodge Ritual Team!  They ended up second in the District in this year’s contest. Come by and see the table in the Lodge Lobby with pictures and trophies.

Dues are due by March 31, 2018. Please send your check and get them in early. It’s pretty hard to keep running the Lodge if dues aren’t paid in a timely manner.

This is my final article as your Exalted Ruler. Some would choose to “run a victory lap” and list all of their accomplishments. I simply choose a “Thank You” to all of those who supported me for the last three years and made my job easier. Thanks also to all the new friends I have made and those that have remained beside me. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Finally, thanks to my wife Jo Ellen, who raised her eyes to heaven each time I suggested that maybe I would run again, but was always there in support. Love you all and see you around the Lodge.

Douglas Hincker, ER