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Members All,

Welcome to summer at Plymouth-Ann Arbor #325!

Happy Summer everyone! 

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful warm sunshine and taking vacations if you have them.

Things are happening at the Lodge, but at a somewhat reduced rate.  Blues and Jazz are still going strong and will continue as always (second and last Tuesdays of each month).  Our thanks to Lee Herberger and Sally Pinchock and their volunteers for making it happen.

We are all happy that PER Ken Hines is out of the hospital and mending well. He is looking good and chaired a House Committee meeting this past week.  He is chomping at the bit to get active, but Connie is keeping him to a reasonable limit.

Our thanks to Treasurer Lauri Howard for her work with the pull-tab machine.  Most of you don’t see the time she spends, coming in a couple of times a week to fill the machine, keep records, make deposits and insure that members can enjoy the activity.  Thank her when you see her.

Our next meeting will be August 23.  At that time, our District Vice President Jason Manke will visit the Lodge to inspect our activities, books and procedures.  Please plan on attending the meeting if you can and give him a warm welcome.  There will be no initiation that night. 

At our September 27th meeting we will have a visitation by DDGER Al Perry and again our activities books and procedures will be reviewed from a Grand Lodge perspective.  There will be an initiation that evening.  We have a few new members for that evening and if any of you have people that are interested in becoming Elks, please bring them to our attention so that they may be reviewed, voted on and instructed prior to the above date.

September also brings back the PER Steak Night.  I hope you will all attend as you did before the summer break.  The best bargain at the Elks!

The Plymouth-Ann Arbor Lodge will host a SE District meeting on Sunday, September 10th.  Officers and members from our other eight lodges will be in attendance.  If you have never been to a district meeting, you should try and attend.

Please pay close attention to the calendar enclosed with this newsletter.  The House Committee has worked hard on keeping the activities and food coming for you dining pleasure.  Lots of things going on and you don’t want to miss out.

Finally, Jo Ellen and I would like to thank you for all the prayers, cards and good wishes during her recent hospital stay.  She is up, getting stronger and back to abusing me as normal.


Douglas Hincker, ER