Plymouth-Ann Arbor 325

2017-2018 Active Senior Elks Officers

Judy Dent - President

Jeanne Grzywacz - Vice President

Joan Pankow - Secretary

Evelyn Logsdon - Treasurer

Connie Melton - Sunshine Lady

Dave Melton - Chaplin


Hello All

Well, summer is off to a great start.  Weather has been good and time is flying by as fast or faster then normal.  Hard to believe it is the middle of July already. 

Our summer picnic was a huge success.  Weather was warm, food was delicious and the socialization was the best, and of course the white elephant sale brought in a lot of money.  Thank you for making it such a fun filled day. 

In September, we will hold our fall picnic, again at McClumpha Park on the second Tuesday at noon.  This time we are going to try a couple new things.  We will be ordering box chicken lunches from Lee Chicken for a cost of $5 each.  Money will be collected at the August meeting.  Also, instead of a white elephant sale, we will have a random auction.  We ask that you bring an item that will be displayed and we will purchase tickets to select the items we would like to win.  A drawing will be made on each item for a winner.  We will go over this at the August meeting or feel free to call me with questions. 

We are still doing our extra lunches on the third Tuesdays of each month, visiting different restaurants in the area. 

We continue to encourage new members, please come see what we are about.  We meet the second Tuesday of each month at noon in the lounge at the Elks.  Please continue to support the various events around the Elks, it’s what keeps our doors open.  Here’s hoping your summer continues to be safe and fun filled and I look forward to seeing you all around the Elks.

Judy Dent

President, Active Senior Elks