Well for sure summer has arrived!!!  The hot weather and lack of rain has us all forgetting the cold winter we had. I’m hoping you are all having a great summer with family and safe travels for the adventurous ones.

Our August Senior meeting will be held on the 14th at noon in the lounge. On September 11th we will have our picnic at McClumpha Park in Plymouth at noon. We will be doing box lunches from Lee’s Chicken so be sure to get your $5.00 to Evelyn Logsdon or if you don’t see her, at least call Evelyn or myself to let us know you are coming so we can order a lunch for you. We will also be doing our auction again so be sure to bring your items for it. (They do not have to be wrapped). Tickets will be 10 for $5.00. As usual, we invite everyone to join us at our meeting. Come see what we are all about.

We ask that you continue to support the activities of the Elks. A lot of people put a lot of effort to make things happen and we need to support their efforts, plus it helps to keep our doors opened. There will be seafood dinners on August -10th and 24th and on September 28th. On September 14th there will be an ENF spaghetti dinner. Blues are on the second Tuesdays and Jazz on the fourth Tuesdays. Thursday’s are the ever popular burger nights.
In closing, I wish you all a summer filled with wonderful memories. Be safe, stay healthy and I will see you around the Elks.

Judy Dent

President, Active Senior Elks

Plymouth-Ann Arbor 325

2018-2019 Active Senior Elks Officers

Judy Dent - President

Sue Hopps - Vice President

Joan Pankow - Secretary

Evelyn Logsdon - Treasurer

Connie Melton - Sunshine Lady

Dave Melton - Chaplin