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2017 PA² Veteran's Gift Wrapping 

Veteran’s Christmas at the Plymouth-Ann Arbor Elks 2017

 On Saturday December 17th 80 patriotic Americans gathered at the Elks to wrap 880 Christmas gifts of 15 items each for Veterans in 3 VA hospitals, and 3 Veteran homeless shelters.  The Plymouth-Ann Arbor Elks continued its 39 year tradition of giving Christmas gifts to the hospitalized and homeless veterans.  

The atmosphere at the Elks was electric with the Christmas spirit.  80 people wrapping Veteran gifts with the sounds of the season filling the air among flying paper and tape.  880 gifts wrapped in an hour and a half. Young and old were all working together.  Families of 3 generations were part of this happy intergenerational event.  The true meaning of Christmas was alive and thriving at the Elks.

 The Christmas event reached into the community for a unified event.  Helping to wrap were representatives from the Plymouth American Legion, Plymouth Lions, Masons, Polish Legion of American Veterans, Boy Scouts, area churches, and others from the community joined the Elks in this patriotic and spiritual endeavor.  Donations were received Knights of Columbus, Dr. Glenn Curtis DDS of the Morse Dental group, The Plymouth Dental Associates Peter Leone, Many Elks, community members, and a Grant from The Elks National Foundation.

The gifts included: Socks, Shampoo, mouthwash, deodorant, body powder, Lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, Toothbrush cap, dental  floss, mints, deck of cards, soap, tissue, and lap robes made by hand as a labor of love by the ladies.  Special gifts were purchased for Women veterans at the hospitals and shelters.

 Distribution will be to the Detroit VA, the Ann Arbor VA, and the Battle Creek VA 3 Veteran homeless shelters: The Domiciliary, homeless facility run by the VA, , The Michigan Veterans Foundation, and Piquette Square, Apartment housing for the homeless veterans.  The gifts are meant to tell the Veterans who are going through a hard time in the hospital or shelter that there sacrifice for our freedom has not gone unnoticed and they are appreciated.  This emotional support is especially important during this holiday time.  It can be the loneliest time of year.  These gifts will boost the morale of these patriotic heroes. It shows the dedication of the Elks, and our community to never forget our Veterans.

 Veteran chairman Stewart Israel